2018 IBS 1000 Yard National Championship


IBS 1000 Yard National Championships August 10 – 11 – 12

This year we were selected to host the 1000 Yard BR National Championships at the Deep Creek rifle range at Missoula, Montana, by the International Benchrest Shooters.

This will be the aggregate format for Light Gun and Heavy Gun as specified by the IBS on page 26 of the 2016 Rule Book (link below).  We will shoot 3 targets per class.  Scoring is explained in the rule book on pages 34 and 35 with an illustration of what results might look like on paper. Light Gun shoots 5 record rounds per target and Heavy Gun shoots 10 for a total 15 record rounds for LG and 30 for HG.  The sighter period is 6 minutes with unlimited shots.

August 10th is sight in/test day, and we will be shooting all day.  The Matches on Saturday and Sunday will start with a mandatory 7:30 am safety meeting with the first relay starting at 8:00 am.

Remember the 7:30 am safety meeting is required.