Another Barn Burner for The Missoula Shoot.  We had 4 — more 100 scores this weekend. Unbelievable.  These guys are shooting so good I had to take a hammer to their barrels. Great thing is, a couple of new shooters got the big 100, which makes it really nice.  First relay, Heavy Gun, Derek Banchard of Kalispell, Mt. hits his 100 with a group of 6.636.   Up comes Scott Nix two relays later in Heavy Gun with his 100 score with a group of 6.218.   Third relay off the 17 lb. gun Wayne Benoza of Anatone, Wa., hits it with a group of 6.269 and in the same relay Leo Anderson gets 100 score and 2nd place with a score of 6.611.    There was so much good shooting if you didn’t get a 99 score you might as well go on home.  (I would have, but had to cook.!! Pat)  Congratulations to all the winners and the close to winners….these guns are improving so much I had to beat Duane up when we got home so he’ll start loading me a 100 score!!

Match 1 17lb NameAddressGroupScoreCaliberBarrelOpticsActionStockGunsmith
Derek BlanchardKalispell, MT4.7551006 DasherBruxNightforceBatPRTKing Machine
Tom MouselKalispell, MT 4.925986 BRDXKriegerNightforceStillerShehaneKing Machine
Wayne BezonaAnatone, WA5.183946 BRXKriegerNightforceLawtonShehanePBG
Leo AndersonKalispell MT6.118916 DasherLawrenceNightforceStillerShehaneKing
Scott NixWhitefish MT6.294976 DasherLawrenceNightforceStillerShehaneKing
Tim HanifenDeer Lodge MT6.503996 DasherKriegerNightforceBATMacMillanKing
Dennis PetersonKila7.253896 DasherLawrenceNightforceDefianceShehaneKing
Jim RichardsTownsend MT7.695976 DasherKriegerNightforceBordenShehaneKing
Frank CasanoPinehurst ID7.841876 DasherKriegerNightforceDefinace
Ken McAlpinRonan MT8.377926 BRDXLawrenceNightforceSavageMcAlpinMcAlpin
Billy BrownMissoula, MT8.406986 DasherBartlienNightforceLawtonShehaneBob Peterson
Cort LeeFrenchtown, MT9.655776 DasherBruxNightforceLawtonShehaneJack Peterson
Greg RogersStevensville, MT9.998966 DasherKriegerNightforceBATShehaneGeoff Wise
Lonnie AndersonDeer Lodge MT10.869986 DasherBartlienNightforceStillerShehaneKing
Ed JanikowskyKalispell MT11.861646 DasherKriegerNightforcePandaShehaneKing
Jack PetersonMissoula MT11.938916 DasherBartlienNightforceLawtonPetersonPeterson
Angela CasanoPinehurst, ID12.550846 DasherBruxNightforceDefiance
Cody FinchKalispell13.019806 DasherKriegerNightforceDefianceZX-6King
Larry DarlingPonderay, ID24.712816 DasherKriegerNightforceDefianceGeoff Wise