Deep Creek Challenge

2019 Deep Creek Challenge 2

IBS Agg shooters I am pleased to announce we will have 3 Vortex golden Eagles up for grabs & 2 Lilja Barrels. how to earn or win a Vortex Golden Eagle scope or Lilja Barrel? Simple really here is how…

1. Best or (smallest) 6 target group AGG light class wins you a vortex golden Eagle
2. Best or (smallest) 6 target group AGG heavy class wins a Vortex golden Eagle
3. Best or (smallest) 2 gun 6 target group AGG wins a Vortex golden Eagle

4. Highest 6 target score and x count light class wins a Lilja Barrel certificate
5. Highest 6 target score and x count heavy class wins a Lilja Barrel certificate

based off your 1st Target each class each day or match March – July

One prize per competitor possible…

we are also doing a ” Deep Creek challenge 2″ for the second season. Dave Kiff at Pacific tool and guage is donating another rifle for our drawing. See North west 1000 yard web site for details on how to earn tickets from your shooting efforts. its going to be fun can’t wait too kick the 2019 season off.

Shawn Williams

2018 Rifle

The “Deep Creek Challenge 2018”

Earn a chance to Win a $5,000.00 custom rifle. Simply show up & shoot at any Deep Creek MT IBS 1000 yard match(es) & increase your odds via listed shooting criteria. Challenge Dates: August 12-13, 2017 “1000 Yard Championship Match” at Deep Creek Missoula through July 2018 agg season. Tickets earned will go to a random drawing Saturday night at August 11-12, 2018 Championship Match. Must be present to win.

Earn tickets as follows:

1. If you simply shoot any weekend from August 2017 through July 2018, earn 1 ticket per weekend toward drawing.
2. 50 score in light class, earns one ticket
3. 100 score in heavy class, earns one ticket
4. 5.00″ or smaller 5 shot group in light class, earns one ticket
5. 7.5″ or smaller 10 shot group, earns one ticket
6. 50 score and a group 5.00″ or smaller, two tickets
7. 100 score one ticket

This prize was made possible through the generous donation of Dave Kiff @ (Pacific Tool & Gauge.) It came from Dave Kiff’s personal collection so Thanks!! from all of us Dave.

Rifle specs: Nesika Bay custom shop 6BR

1.Stainless steel Nesika bay action
2.Stainless Fluted barrel
3.Burled Maple Stock
4.Leopold Scope
5.Best of the west scope mounts
6.Kiff pacific tool & gauge custom trigger

Unlimited tickets available per competitor