Deep Creek Challenge

The “Deep Creek Challenge”

Earn a chance to Win a $5,000.00 custom rifle. Simply show up & shoot at any Deep Creek MT IBS 1000 yard match(es) & increase your odds via listed shooting criteria. Challenge Dates: August 12-13, 2017 “1000 Yard Championship Match” at Deep Creek Missoula through July 2018 agg season. Tickets earned will go to a random drawing Saturday night at August 11-12, 2018 Championship Match. Must be present to win.

Earn tickets as follows:

1. If you simply shoot any weekend from August 2017 through July 2018, earn 1 ticket per weekend toward drawing.
2. 50 score in light class, earns one ticket
3. 100 score in heavy class, earns one ticket
4. 5.00″ or smaller 5 shot group in light class, earns one ticket
5. 7.5″ or smaller 10 shot group, earns one ticket
6. 50 score and a group 5.00″ or smaller, two tickets
7. 100 score one ticket

This prize was made possible through the generous donation of Dave Kiff @ (Pacific Tool & Gauge.) It came from Dave Kiff’s personal collection so Thanks!! from all of us Dave.

Rifle specs: Nesika Bay custom shop 6BR

1.Stainless steel Nesika bay action
2.Stainless Fluted barrel
3.Burled Maple Stock
4.Leopold Scope
5.Best of the west scope mounts
6.Kiff pacific tool & gauge custom trigger

Unlimited tickets available per competitor