2021 1000 Yard Match Schedule

March 27 & 28

April 10 & 11

May 8 & 9

June 12 & 13

July 10 & 11

August 14 & 15 Championships

The matches are Saturday and Sunday and both days start out with a mandatory safety meeting at 730 am.  At 800 am the first relay starts with Heavy Gun leading the way this year.  We are an IBS club and the rules are on the IBS website at –


Both HG and LG (LG 17 lbs max) shoot a two target aggregate for each match/day.  HG shoots 10 record shots and LG shoots 5 record shots.  Total HG record rounds 40 and total LG record rounds 20 for the weekend.  Don’t for get to load an extra set or two as there could be a re-shoot due to several causes.  In addition to your record rounds you can shoot as many sighters as you want in the Sighter Period.

Do not have your bolt in you gun until you are given the command to begin the sighter period.  After the record period remove your bolt from you gun and do not put it back in you gun.  The bolt needs to be out of the gun at all times unless instructed otherwise.  The sighter period is 6 minutes long and you can shoot all you want during that period.  When the “Cease Fire” command is given do not shoot, and you are not allowed to have any ammo in you gun until the command to “Commence Fire” on the record targets.

We have the range on the Fridays of these matches.  We shoot as soon as it’s light enough to see and you can test as well as sight in.  We also shoot on Saturday after the match is over.

[email protected]

1000 yard line 46°55’35.03” N 114°14’45.40” W, elevation 3355 feet.

Lonnie Anderson 406-491-1824

David Torgerson 406-250-3775

Shawn Williams 406-439-5045