2018 IBS 1000 Yard National Championship


IBS 1000 Yard National Championships August

Please read the letter before sending in the pre-registration form.

2018 IBS 1000 YARD NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Pre Registration Form

2018 IBS 1000 YD National Championship Letter




AUGUST 10 – 12, 2018

The deadline for pre-registration for the IBS 1000 Yard National Championships is July 11, 2018 per IBS Long Range rules (lines 532 – 539).  Please mail this a minimum of 5 business days prior to July 11, 2018 to ensure we get it.  Include the IBS Release of Liability form and be sure to fill it out properly as required.  There is a mandatory late fee of $10.00 assessed for all registrations received after 30 days before the National Championship.  Should you be unable to attend after registering and paying fees, you will receive a refund of fees paid.  Please circle the appropriate (Y’s) on the pre-registration form if you are a Female, Junior or a Rookie.  Please fill out the equipment list as the companies that make our equipment also sponsor events like this and it is good feedback for them and shows appreciation for their contributions.

If you have a disability, please let us know in advance.

Do not forget to bring your IBS or Williamsport Membership card as we are required to see your card.  You can purchase an IBS membership when you arrive.

We will not accept any late registrations.  Check in for pre-registered competitors will be on Friday August 10, 2018 at Deep Creek.  We will close check in 8:00pm.  Friday is sight in day and the range will be open all day.  There will be limits on how long you can occupy a bench and that will be posted and enforced by the range officers.  You will also be required to remove all of your equipment from the firing line, shed and immediate area when you are not shooting.

Be sure to get your hotel reservations as soon as possible as August is a busy time for tourism.

There will be three targets on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday we will shoot; Light Gun Target 1, followed by Heavy Gun Target 1, followed by Light Gun Target 2.

On Sunday we will shoot; Heavy Gun Target 2, followed by Light Gun Target 3, followed by Heavy Gun Target 3.

Bench and Relay rotation will be used.

Relay rotation will be determined by the number of relays and will move as close to 1/3rd as possible, not to exceed 1/3rd.   Example 7 relays would have Target 1 relay 1 move to Target 2 relay 3 then to Target 3 relay 6.

Bench rotation will work the same.  We have 12 benches and bench 1 would move to bench 5 for the 2nd target and to bench 9 for the last target.

Saturday and Sunday will start with a mandatory Safety Meeting at 7:30am.  The first relay will start at 8:00am.

Awards will follow the close of competition on Sunday.  Prizes will be awarded first to the 2 Gun winner, then Overall winner in class with the most competitors and Overall winner in the class with the least competitors (winners only in 2 Gun and Overall).  Then 1st place for group then score in the class with the most, followed by 1st place for group and score in the class with the least, followed by 2nd place in the same order.  Example for more people in LG; 1st 2 Gun then 1st LG overall then 1st HG overall, followed by 1st LG group then 1st LG score, then 1st HG group then 1st HG score, followed by 2nd LG group then 2nd LG score, then 2nd HG group then 2nd HG score.

Be sure to provide your mobile email information as we will send out emails during the weekend relating to bench assignments, results and anything we need to let you know about.  All emails are sent using BCC which does not give your email address to anyone else, ensuring your privacy.

We will add to our website additional information as necessary.


2018 IBS 1000 Yard National Championship



Shawn Williams          406-439-5045

Lonnie Anderson         406-491-1824

David Torgerson         406-250-3775