2019 Schedule

March date changed due to snow.  We will be shooting March 30-31 instead of 23-24.

For all matches (Saturday and Sunday)  we have a mandatory safety meeting each morning at 730 am.  Relays start at 800 am.  Registration is on Friday and the range is open for sighting in and tunning.  Please let us know if you cannot get here to register before Friday 6pm.  Please contact Shawn Williams for additional info. 406-439-5045  northwest1000ydbenchrest@gmail.come

IBS aggregate format will be used this year instead of the shoot-off format.  We will shoot 2 targets per day per class.  If you shoot both LG and HG both days you will shoot 8 targets.  Total record rounds per day for LG is 10 and 20 for HG, for a weekend total of 60 record rounds.  The sighter period is 6 minutes with unlimited rounds.

The season aggregates for both LG and HG are based on the first target of the day in each class.

The official dates for the 2019 IBS 1000 Yard Bench Rest Match’s are set. The range opens for practice starting January 1. Mondays and Fridays from day light to noon are reserved for 1000 Yard. Just make sure you call Dan at the range and let him know if you plan on shooting. (406-207-4787).



March 30-31  Changed due to snow.  Originally scheduled for 23-24.
April 13-14
May 11-12
June 8-9
July 13-14
August 9-11 21st Annual Northwest 1000 Yard Benchrest Association Championship